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Spring Equinox Salt Cave & Sound Bath Client Appreciation Event Recap

Spring Equinox Salt Cave & Sound Bath Client Appreciation Event Recap

| April 01, 2024

I can still feel the incredible energy from my Spring Equinox client appreciation event on March 20th. Sharing the magic of the Himalayan salt cave and a soothing Soundbath with a few of my amazing female clients and guests was truly special and warmed my heart so much. Together, we soaked up the beautiful sounds at Salt in Santa Barbara, and then indulged in delicious appetizers and drinks at Azul Cocina restaurant after. Connecting with each guest individually and hearing about their experiences and what came up for them, was so fulfilling. Grateful for such a gorgeous spring evening with just a few of my cherished clients!

A big THANK YOU to all who joined me that night. For those who could not make it, it is my hope to continue to offer more small intimate events like this throughout the year, rather than the big summer event like we’ve had in the past.  There is something so special about taking the time for amazing self-care and having time to bond, connect and reflect with other soulful humans.

Thank you to our sound healer, Kimmy Braget, for her healing energy and soothing sounds! Another thanks to our token man in the room, Chris Ball, who always supports me in my unique and spiritual ideas for client appreciation events, who shows up for all of us, and who helps me with the monetary costs of putting these events together. So grateful for you both!!

Here are a few of the pictures I took during the event.