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Our Ideal Clients

At Legacy One Financial, we work with clients in all different stages of life. Financial planning for a healthier and happier future should start as early as possible and be managed throughout the years,  and different life stages, to ensure a comfortable retirement and beyond.

Client Centered

With this said, we choose to work with a select group of individuals, families and small business owners. Although the people we work with have taken many different paths to obtain success, they are united in their efforts to build wealth for themselves and their families, or create successful businesses or entrepreneurial endeavors. We see a client’s affluence as an opportunity to help them make a positive influence on their own financial plan, life, and the legacy they leave behind. All of our clients share a few core values. They are  honest, kind, goal-driven, relationship centered and committed to the long-term investment in their future.

No journey is too long when dreams are big and the sky is the limit!