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Tips to Relax More Today

Tips to Relax More Today

| August 14, 2023

Between work, family, friends, and other commitments, it’s often hard to take time for yourself. However, it’s important for your physical and mental health to intentionally slow down and take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of life. Here are a few ideas to help you have a few relaxing moments today.

Why relax?

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that you must do in a day, but relaxing is just as important as doing your laundry or answering emails. Relaxing helps to cut back on your relative stress levels, which has many health benefits including lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, decreasing anxiety and depression, and increasing productivity and concentration over time. Though it might not seem easy to reduce your stress levels, when you take even just thirty minutes a day to focus on yourself, you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Get outside

If you typically spend most of the day cooped up inside, it’s important to get outside in nature for some fresh air. Research shows that spending just thirty minutes outside can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety levels, and you’ll also get some vitamin D and a good endorphin rush when you do an outdoor activity. When you get outside, pick an activity that works best for you. You could go for a walk around the block, hike a local trail, visit a park, or spend some time in the garden. No matter what activities you prefer, take the time to unwind and focus on your beautiful surroundings.

Do something that you love

What relaxes one person might stress another person out, so the key to relaxing is doing something you love and find joy in. Consider your own interests and what brings you the most happiness and be sure to intentionally make time for it. You can read a few chapters of a book, listen to your favorite music, or cook a meal that you love. Try not to pick an activity that feels like work but rather one that simply brings you happiness since that will relax you the most.

Take a nap

Did you know that napping has a lot of great health benefits, including improved memory, mood, and alertness? Whether you’re a pro napper or don’t remember the last time you took a nap, consider taking one to help you rest and relax today. It’s recommended that you take a nap in the early afternoon and try to keep it under 30 minutes so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep schedule. Find a quiet, dark place and give your body a chance to unwind.

Cut back on screen time

This might be easier said than done, but do what you can to cut back on your screen time throughout the day. Studies show that taking time away from screens can go a long way to reduce stress, free up time, and greatly improve your mood. So put your phone a way for a little longer, take a break from checking your emails, and spend more time being present.

Try to rest and relax more today and do something that will help you unwind and destress. You deserve it.


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