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Five Step Process

Exploration and Discovery

Who are you? What are your dreams, desires and short & long term goals? Do you need a financial plan, investment management, or both?  How do you feel about investing? What is your current financial picture? We use a comprehensive client questionnaire to get to know prospective clients.

Evaluate and Analyze

Analyzing what we now know about you, we can work on a plan to either fill in the gaps, or assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current plan and approach, as well as your investments and strategy around them. 

Advise and Encourage

Present research of current findings and share recommendations based on analysis of your current plan and asset allocation.

Implement and Utilize Tools

Put your plan into action, working toward a happier and healthier future.

Ongoing Reviews and Touch Points

Proactive contact is part of our business model. After implementing a plan with us, the service does not stop there. We will meet with you or talk as often as necessary to work toward your desired goals, and stay up to date with evolving market conditions and life changes. At minimum, we will require annual reviews of investment holdings and goals.