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Kimmy Braget

Kimmy Braget

Brand Manager

With over two decades of business development and marketing strategies, Kimmy Braget's journey began in retail sales management, where she consistently propelled businesses to success by overseeing large teams. Her proficiency in developing and executing effective marketing strategies has been a cornerstone of her professional path.

Beyond that, Kimmy's passion for community connection shines. Hosting impactful community events and creating spaces for meaningful interaction, she seamlessly integrates her extensive business experience with her empathetic healing practices. This unique blend allows her to bridge the worlds of business development and holistic healing, creating a harmonious fusion that reaches diverse generations.

Whether managing large teams in the retail sector or curating community events, Kimmy's approach remains rooted in warmth, high integrity, and an innovative spirit. Her ability to connect with others and create healing spaces has not only defined her professional journey but has become a mission to spread the healing arts throughout her community.

Born and raised in Ventura and raising three children, Kimmy's expertise extends geographically across Ventura and Santa Barbara County. Kimmy Braget stands as an empathetic Energy and Sound Healer, infusing her professional journey with a mission to spread the healing arts throughout her community. Teaching Reiki since 2023 and integrating Sound Healing over a year ago, she continues to evolve her skill set, bringing expansive healing experiences to her clients. 

Kimmy and Gaea met at a sound bath in Ventura and instantly hit it off. They have been friends ever since, and share many common dreams and goals around business and serving the community they call home. This lead to a budding business relationship and they look forward to spreading more love and positive energy throughout the community together. 

During her downtime, you'll find Kimmy replenishing herself by the beach, exploring hiking trails, or enjoying precious moments with friends and family. Her commitment to balance, both in the business world and the healing arts, is evident in her holistic approach to life.